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 Angelina Lohan (aka Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach)

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Age : 31
Character : Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach (aka Angelina Lohan)
Registration date : 2008-06-21

PostSubject: Angelina Lohan (aka Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach)   Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:08 am


_Humanoid Alien
_Civillian/Athirdynqua's Iridrorich Academy

"-I'm a rocketship on my way to Mars,
on a collision course-"

    I didn't have to sell you:::Acquaintance
    When it's all the same you can ask for it by name:::First name basis
    Entertain but never trust anyone sober:::Drinking buddies
    I'm not ashamed you're entertained:::Friends
    I can't turn my back on you when you are walking away:::Good friends
    You and me and the devil makes 3:::Best friends
    We built this tomb together, and I won't fill it alone:::Family at heart

    I will hunt you down, I will make you mine:::Stalker
    Such a pretty, pretty face if it weren't so cruel:::Used to be
    Come around here, I gotta see your face, but mainly I gotta see what you taste:::Sexual attraction
    Don't lead me on or drag it out, make up your mind, please don't tease me:::Crush
    You keep me around, no one leaves this time:::Friends with benefits
    I hear the love inside your moan:::Lover
    And you're right here whispering in my ear:::Married
    I'm wavin' both my arms into outerspace just to reach you, my luna:::Love of my life

    For a while, I will take it day by day:::Suspicious
    We race through life with only ourselves to blame if we're left behind:::Indifference
    You want me to listen, well I think you should shout:::Annoyance
    And I'm telling you that this is why we can't be friends:::Dislike
    Come on, take another swing at me:::Rivalry
    Say what you came here to say, might as well get it out:::Mutual dislike/hate
    I would stay, but I would cut you down to size:::Hate

    I've got an angel in the lobby, he's waiting to put me in line:::Work partners
    We're a death-marching band:::Partners in crime
    You think that you thought all the thoughts that I thought you:::mentor/teacher
    We'll be together while the planet dies:::Family
    I'd like to love you but my heart is a sore, I am so yours:::Love/Hate

"-People are strange, when you're a stranger-"


Base coding MELLZ
Final coding Ladydeadlock & Mistojen
lyrics AC/DC; Queen; Marilyn Manson; Extra Blue Kind; Virgin Millionaires; The Doors.
coloring Color Blend
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Character : Lynne Masters
Registration date : 2008-06-21

PostSubject: Re: Angelina Lohan (aka Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach)   Wed Jul 02, 2008 5:22 pm

Name Lynne Masters
Age 26
Occupation Stylist/Bartender

When it's all the same you can ask for it by name:::First name basis
We race through life with only ourselves to blame if we're left behind:::Indifference
You speak: Angie's...interesting. I'll give her that. It's weird...she seems really nice and I think she means well, but she just...well, she's... hmm. She's...unique. I wouldn't hate seeing her around the bar more, though. She managed to make me smile on a pretty cruddy night at work, so automatic brownie points there. I just wonder why she's so doe-eyed...like she's never seen or heard of so many things. I guess London must be a world away from Cardiff or something...
I speak:
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Angelina Lohan (aka Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach)
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