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 Lynne Masters

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PostSubject: Lynne Masters   Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:49 pm

The real you
Name/alias: Jen
Age: 25
Gender: female
Role playing experience: refer to other application
Other characters: Donna Noble

Your character
Full name: Lynne Emily Masters
Nickname(s): EC, but only her close friends use it and know what it means
Date of birth: December 17, 1981
Age: 26
Gender: female
Sexual preference: bisexual

Physical appearance
Eye color: hazel
Hair color: brown
Unique traits: Chinese symbol for "musician" on right shoulder blade; pair of shears in left ankle; industrial bar through cartlidge in right ear; navel piercing; scars: more than she can count on her hands; an old Chicken Pox scars near her nose; small one on left knee; small one on right forearm
Face used: Taylor Cole
Likes: men, women, drinking, doing hair, listening to live music in bars, loud music of the classic rock variety (AC/DC, Boston, and Journey being the top three), vegging out in front of the television
Dislikes: ignorant people, bad drivers, guys who stare in that blatant creepy way, girls who pass judgement on other girls before meeting them, being so far away from her family
Strengths: friends, family, independence, eclectic tastes, doesn't take bullshit from anyone
Weaknesses: friends, family, men, low self-esteem, curiosity
Hopes: success in her field someday, fall in love, find happiness
Fears: rejection, being alone, death, supernatural beings (ghosts, poltergeists, demons, etc.), spiders, small enclosed spaces
Random facts: smokes cigarettes and will sleep with practically anyone who'll consent
bites her nails when she's bored or nervous, only ever initiates conversation with someone if she's sexually attracted to them and they don't seem intimidating or out of her league to her, is a bit of a wallflower most of the time
Skills: writing, doing hair, drinking games, being open-minded, being a good listener
Overall personality: Lynne is a very guarded person. She spent most of her life feeling as though she was on the outskirts of life. Having been betrayed by countless friends and feeling like the black sheep of her family, Lynne tends to be closed-off and, understandably, has trust issues. Having grown up in the Northeast of America, where money and status mean everything and her family never had anything more than average means, she became a very hardened and cynical individual. Anything, with the wrong circumstance can make her angry and it can be difficult for her to rebound from the feeling when not in familiar company. She's got a general hatred of ignorance and immaturity. She tends to use a biting wit as well as her sarcasm and dry humor as a defense mechanism. Lynne's favorite way to deal with anger is to close herself off or cry, simply because it's less physically and emotionally dangerous to those surrounding her than releasing her wrath the way she'd prefer, from time to time.

That's not to say that she hasn't got more complex emotion. Seeing people suffer breaks her heart. Thinking about how little she gets to see her family, for lack of funds for travelling internationally, makes her homesick and depressed. Again, it's easier for Lynne to close herself off than open up to anyone when she's feeling down, but the right person with the right words and sincerity can pick the lock of her walls and when that, however seldom, happens, Lynne lets the floodgates open.

Happiness comes from the little things in life, for Lynne. Affection from someone, harmless flirtation, someone buying her a drink; a favorite song playing on the radio or a friend wanting to spend some quality time with her. For the most part, Lynne's happiness tends to be fleeting and short-lived, but when she's happy, it's quite literally like she's high on life and it takes something rather serious to bring her down.

On another token, Lynne is very open-minded - while she's guarded and angry, she's open to meeting new people and she's never been prejudiced against people based upon their gender, race, sexual orientation, or personal taste in trivial things such as music, literature, social activities, and social status. Also, Lynne is in a place, sexually, where she's still trying to find her niche. She's experimental and flexible with what she's willing to try between the sheets.

All in all, Lynne has a lot of layers, but she simply chooses not to reveal her full self to just anyone. For her to do so, Lynne needs to feel close with a person and needs to trust them at least to some degree. There are few people that have been able to gain this status in Lynne's life, but she's always willing to give new people a chance to build a relationship tight enough with her to get there.

Place of birth: Binghamton, NY, USA
Currently living in: Cardiff, Wales, UK
Family: John Masters, 49, living, draftsman
Anita Masters, 50, living, unemployed - parents still married
John Masters Jr, 21, living, sports coach/student - single
Occupation: apprentice in a hair salon, moonlights as a bartender
Marital status: single and bitter Razz
Transportation: the underground
History: Lynne Masters grew up in small town New York and moved to small town Connecticut when she was a junior in high school, when her dad got a better job there. Upon graduation, Lynne headed back to her old hometown for college, though after a single year majoring in Liberal Arts (minoring in Music Education), she decided that she wanted to go to a university in a big city, in hopes of being more intellectually stimulated by the environment and people. She was accepted to a university in Boston, MA, but had to decline the acceptance when the housing was full and decided to wait until the winter semester to try again. In the meantime, she got a job at a local hair salon as a shampoo girl, because it was the only place hiring within walking distance - after losing her best friend in a car wreck as a teenager, she'd been too afraid to learn to drive - and wound up going to cosmetology school on a whim.

After graduating, she became a hairstylist, fairly unhappy with her small-town salon and wishing for something bigger. The opportunity came when, after getting engaged to her long-time boyfriend, he asked her to move with him to England where he'd landed a job in UNIT, which he'd never actually explained to her. She'd gone with him and, after completing hours for reciprocity for her cosmetology license, she was offered an apprentice position at a high-end salon.

Soon thereafter, the fiance - who, to this day, she only refers to as The Asshole - broke it off with her, having met someone else. Being unable to afford to move again and having found herself rather fond of the country, she moved in with a friend in Cardiff and decided to start a new life.

Currently, she's working in another high-end salon...as an assistant. She's trying to work her way into getting her own chair. she also moonlights as a bartender for spending money.

Because of the long line of broken relationships, Lynne keeps her haunches high when it comes to men and she's dabbled in relationships with females, though those never really amounted to anything other than experimentation and, more often than not, parting of ways. She uses her dry humor and sarcasm as a defense mechanism, but if she meets someone with similar interests, she's more than willing to give them a chance.

Prove you read the rules: Mod Edit: Proven
Role play sample: Lynne looked into the mirror and frowned. It’d been a long day at the salon and it was going to be an even longer night at the bar. She'd never thought she was good looking, but she seemed to be a creep-magnet, just about every night. Not that the tips weren’t great, because, well...they were. It was just that it was exhausting to flirt with every idiot who looked her way in order to make a buck.

With a sigh, she pulled on her tank top and turned sideways to check her bust line.

Not enough cleavage...maybe I can make an honest dollar or two tonight.

Groaning as her alarm clock buzzed monotonously in the other room, telling her it was time to go or else miss the bus, she smoothed down the front of her shirt and headed into the other room to shut it off.

“See you later, baby. Behave yourself,” she whispered, pressing her lips to her sleeping cat’s head before walking out the door.


Another night. Another gaggle of twenty-somethings grinding on the dance floor to music Lynne couldn’t stand. She pulled her long hair back behind her shoulders and out of her face as she shook another martini for another middle-aged guy with another staring problem just like every other piece of shit at her end of the bar. Lynne had to resist the urge to roll her eyes when he gave her a crappy tip and leered at her, winking before telling her that such a beautiful girl shouldn’t be behind the bar; she should be out on the dance floor.

“Yeah, well, it’s not really my thing; getting wasted and letting some sweaty guy rub up against me while I pretend to enjoy the hideous music they play in this dump, but thanks,” she said snidely, shoving the money into her pocket and taking off her apron.

Turning to her coworker, Lynne cleared her throat. “I gotta hit the little girls’ room. I’ll be back.”

He nodded at her without looking and, with a heavy sigh, Lynne made her way out from behind the bar. Anything to get away. Just for a minute.

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PostSubject: Re: Lynne Masters   Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:55 pm

Mod approval x1 Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Lynne Masters   Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:20 am

There's a small typo in the personality bit: as well as he rsarcasm... which could be fixed, but otherwise she's very interesting. Smile

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Character : Lynne Masters
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PostSubject: Re: Lynne Masters   Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:38 am

Embarassed fixed. thank you Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Lynne Masters   

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Lynne Masters
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