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 Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach (more commonly known as Angelina Lohan)

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Character : Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach (aka Angelina Lohan)
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PostSubject: Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach (more commonly known as Angelina Lohan)   Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:16 pm

The real you
Name/alias: Diana
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Role playing experience: See other application.
Other characters: Ianto Jones (as Ladydeadlock)

Your character
Full name: Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach
Nickname(s): She goes by the name of Angelina Lohan
Date of birth: 06/November/5005 – 51st century
Age: 30 (by earth’s count, she’s -2997)
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Humanoids

Physical appearance
Eye color: green
Hair color: auburn
Unique traits: pierced ears
Face used: Juliette Lewis
Likes: popcorn,
sunglasses that are too large for her face,
bright colours,
red bull,
reality TV,
loop earrings,

Dislikes: alcohol,
knowledge gameshows,
knowledge board games,
politics & economics,

Strengths: curiosity,
good looks (most of the time),

Weaknesses: naivety,
low IQ,
slowness of thought,
high-tech stuff
being dumb as a rock

Hopes: that someone in her home planet remembers her and comes back for her one day,
To understand completely how humanity and the world works

Fears: smart people,

Random facts: Her name choice was made from the first two names she heard on the television when she got to Earth, 3 years ago. (They had Sky on the first house she saw, and “VH1’s top 10 long-haired celebrities” was on.)

Skills: reading, writing and counting. It doesn’t go from there, really.

Overall personality: Moraninadar (let’s call her Angelina) is very naïve and shy, but once she gets to know the person, she can be very open and talkative – maybe even a little too much.
Being slow on the draw, she doesn’t always pick the best things to say, and she doesn’t always make herself clear; she’s also incredibly ditzy, and a tad forgetful. She’s funny – albeit not always voluntarily so – and sympathetic, but she gets hurt easily because of her naivety.
She’s quite proud of having achieved a recon job at her planet’s space academy, and she doesn’t see herself as dumb as she is in reality, she’s most likely in denial.

Place of birth: Echongarkel, a large city on the planet Athirdynqua.
Currently living in: Cardiff, Wales, Earth
Family: Enawensula Radatturachach, 60 (-3097) , mother, alive, distant
Orisighthon Radatturachach, 62 (-3099), father, alive, distant
Asomhonissy Radatturachach, 33 (-2994), brother, alive, distant (used to be close)
Atonagealeu Radatturachach, 31 (-2996), brother, alive, distant
Issitdrachee Radatturachach, 31 (-2996), sister, alive, distant
Occupation: Iridrorich recon agent/music store clerk
Marital status: Single
Transportation: bicycle (which she falls off from a lot)
History: Moraninadar (again, let’s call her Angelina) is an alien who was admitted into Iridrorich (Athirdynqua’s space academy) because the highest instance of the academy owed her father a favour, and this had always been Angelina's dream.
Soon after her training (which took her five years and a lot of pity by the highest officers), and after Athirdynquanians discovered our planet, she was sent on a recon mission to 21st century’s Earth (the beginning of alien contact with our planet), in order to learn as much as she could about earthlings and our spacial programs, and bring the information back home.
However, something went wrong, and as she crash-landed in Cardiff, her spaceship exploded, along with everything she owned, including the communication devices she was to use to report back to Iridrorich. She’s been waiting for three years for someone to come get her, but so far, no one has. It is unknown, but suspected, that this mission was arranged to estrange Angelina from the Academy. Even she suspects it, but she doesn’t think about it that much.

Prove you read the rules: Mod Edit: Proven.
Role play sample: (332 words)
Angelina was staring nervously at a tiny “communication device”, as she called mobile phones, as if it was about to explode, right on the kitchen counter, next to her keys.
In reality, she had to respond to a text message her boss, Mr. Andrews had sent her (because he always said how unnecessary it was to actually speak on the phone in this day and age, and Angelina wouldn’t want to upset him by calling him), but her newly purchased mobile had a strange deficiency on its text message composer, because it kept spelling random, wrong words instead of the ones she wanted it to spell, as she tapped on the keys twice or three times in order to get to the letter she needed.
It could be some sort of feature, too, but whatever keys she pressed, it wouldn’t go away, and she was now fearful of doing something else that would break this phone as well.
“Oh, crap, how am I going to tell him that I can absolutely work on Saturday, now?” Angelina asked herself loudly, in hopes some idea would spark. Nothing happened. All she had left to do was ride her bicycle all the way to the music store, and tell him herself. If he weren’t there, she could always ask Ralph, her co-worker, to type the message in for her, or help her fix the deficiency.
She left her flat, walking the bike beside her, managing not to fall down the stairs with it, and hopped on the bike as she got downstairs. She bicycled as fast as she could, and got to the shop in two ticks. It wasn’t until she went inside and tried to snatch the phone out of her back pocket, that Angelina realized both her phone and her keys were still on the kitchen counter, inside the flat. The door, as the landlord had warned her before, had no knob, rendering it impossible to open from the outside without a key.

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PostSubject: Re: Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach (more commonly known as Angelina Lohan)   Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:24 pm

heeee Laughing I love it! I'm already cracking up at her antics Laughing

Mod approval x1
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PostSubject: Re: Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach (more commonly known as Angelina Lohan)   Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:27 am

How very odd! It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

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PostSubject: Re: Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach (more commonly known as Angelina Lohan)   

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Moraninadar Isnyeldendon Radatturachach (more commonly known as Angelina Lohan)
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