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 Rachel Alice Winter-Reeves (OC)

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Character : Rachel Alice Winter-Reeves
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PostSubject: Rachel Alice Winter-Reeves (OC)   Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:40 am

The real you
Name/alias: Ry
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Role playing experience: Asked and answered, guys. Razz
Other characters: Jack Harkness

Your character
Full name: Rachel Alice Winter-Reeves
Nickname(s): Rach, Allie
Date of birth: June 04
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Heterosexual

Physical appearance
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Unique traits: Ears are pierced.
Face used: Ana Leticia Frediani
Likes: Reading, stories, tarot cards, computers, science fiction, astronomy, aliens, myths, folklore.
Dislikes: Being talked down to, not being taken seriously, insects, fire, the cold.
Strengths: Clever, quick, friendly. She's enthusiastic about what she loves, and for the people she loves she would walk through fire.
Weaknesses: Stubborn as a mule, can hold unreasonable grudges for small infractions, quick to take offense. When she gets scared, she gets stupid and can't think straight. Her aunt, her cat George. Sometimes she takes things too far, especially if she's doing something for someone else.
Hopes: To find definitive "proof" of extraterrestrial life on Earth. Preferably before her aunt dies.
Fears: Her aunt dying, "real world" responsibility, finding alien life only to have it be hostile, never finding what she's looking for.
Random facts: Rachel has a degree in astronomy, with a minor in literature. Her favorite book is "Through the Looking Glass".
Skills: She knows her stuff about the stars, myths and fairytales. She's clever and well-read. She took dance lessons for years, so she's on the graceful side.
Overall personality: Rachel is the kind of girl people think of when they say, "She's a nice girl" but then can't really find much else to say. She isn't actually very shy, per se, but she is withdrawn and awkward with people, simply out of lack of practice in dealing with them. Exceptionally open with her feelings, she's as easy to read as a book, and about as eager to talk. She doesn't lie unless she absolutely has to. Smart and enthusiastic, Rachel puts her whole heart into everything she does, and as such, it's very easy to hurt her. Once bitten, twice shy, as her aunt Victoria says, Rachel tends to hold a grudge against those who hurt her or don't take her seriously, and when she gets mad... In some ways, she's quite immature. She loves as easily and with as much gusto as she hurts.

Place of birth: London
Currently living in: Cardiff
Family: Mother, Evelyn Winter, unknown status; Father, unknown; Aunt, Victoria Winter-Reeves; Uncle, Dominic Reeves, deceased.
Occupation: Part-timer at a local bookstore.
Marital status: Single
Transportation: Her aunt's old car. It's blue, and quite old.
She was born Rachel Alice Winter, twenty-five years ago, in the midst of a London summer. Her mother, Evelyn, was seventeen years old and had no idea what to do with a child. While not abusive or unloving in any way, she was inexperienced, and very alone. Finally, in an act of fear, she foisted her infant daughter off on her older sister, Victoria, and her husband Dominic.
Dominic and Victoria, who were kind, if rather strange, people, took in the little girl and raised her in Evelyn's stead, even giving Rachel their surname, Reeves. They were a close family, and very loving. However, they were very private people, and Rachel, a precocious child who ate up the stories and books her aunt and uncle gave her, had few friends her age. Their relative withdrawal furthered when Dominic died eight years later, leaving Victoria and Rachel, now eleven, alone in their large, old house.
Years passed, and Victoria, always a bit of a fanatic about the supernatural and UFOs in particular, became even more obsessed with the things. She shared her obsessions with her niece, and Rachel even went on to college for astronomy, having adopted her aunt's love of the stars. A stammering, private girl, she returned home directly after finishing at university, and has remained there, doing occasional independent jobs, but primarily focusing her attentions and energies at hers and her aunt's passion for the supernatural and extraterrestrial life. Her aunt Victoria is in ill health, and Rachel Alice is determined to find her way "through the looking-glass" before her aunt dies.

Prove you read the rules: Mod Edit: Proven.
Role play sample:
It was getting dark, but Rachel was still bright-eyed enough for noon, ducking under a board that had been torn away from blocking the doorway and slipping into the big, old warehouse. She was gripping her digital camera firmly in one hand, the other clutching a tiny keychain torch, which barely made a dent in the gloom of the place. She could see the light of other torches, though, and took a few steps closer, unable to help her smile.
After all this time, she had at last managed to follow to the source something which looked, at least, very alien, and if it wasn't then at least it was nothing she had ever seen before. Someone else had gotten there first, of course - couple of blokes in a big black SUV - but that wasn't about to stop her.
Rachel winced as she heard the crackle of glass under her sneaker, and flinched, fighting her immediate instinct to run, when someone called out, asking who was there.
"I don't mean any harm," she said quickly, her voice rising in pitch as fear replaced shock. "I just want to have a look."
If they were looters or something, they were sure to be armed, weren't they? Armed and probably not picky. Rachel was shaking as she waited for them to say something. All she wanted was her proof, a couple of pictures. Please, she thought, silently begging. Please let me finally find this..
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alice Winter-Reeves (OC)   Fri Jun 20, 2008 7:43 am

Will take a closer look at this after work, but I wanted to let you (and the other mods, for that matter) know that I'd been here so you aren't all like "uhhh...why've the rules been proven and no mod said anything...?"

So yeah, I'll take a look when I get home Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alice Winter-Reeves (OC)   Fri Jun 20, 2008 2:34 pm

I love Rachel already!
Mod approval x1
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alice Winter-Reeves (OC)   Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:46 pm

I totally do, too!

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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alice Winter-Reeves (OC)   

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Rachel Alice Winter-Reeves (OC)
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