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PostSubject: Application   Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:46 pm

Please keep the BBCode in tact - quote this post, copy the application, and paste into a new topic in the Pending Applications section of the board. Your subject line should clearly state the character you wish to claim. Do not hesitate to apply for a character who is already pending, just don't be disappointed if the person who got to it first is approved and you are not: it will be up to the staff's discretion to choose which application to approve and it will not be first come, first serve. Approval is based only upon the accuracy of your depiction of the character in question. You must have the approval of at least two staff members listed in reply to your application to have your app moved to the Approved Applications category and if you are not approved immediately, the staff will give you suggestions on what needs to be changed in order to reach approval.

Please note: while Original Characters are not only allowed, but welcomed, we will not be approving any OCs that we deem too Mary Sue or Gary Stu. It is up to the staff's discretion what constitutes a Mary Sue or Gary Stu and we will let you know what needs to be changed to gain approval on your OC.

Make sure that ALL fields of the application are filled out before posting or your application will be ignored and proof that you've read the rules will be edited out. If a particular field does not apply to you, a simple "n/a" will suffice, in most cases. We will let you know if the staff feels that the field does apply to you and will ask you to fill it out before we proceed in reviewing your application.

Role play samples may be any tense or POV, however, the game will be played in third person point of view, past tense.

Remember, the more creative and fleshed out your application is, the more likely your character will be approved - this is especially true for OCs.

ETA: We have linked to the Wikipedia characters articles for you, in order to help you make up your application - we know how difficult it is to find out good chunks of information on certain characters. Please, though, do not copy directly from there; instead, base your application on the information you find there, but make it up with your own words.

Torchwood Characters
Doctor Who Characters

Off you go!

The real you
Role playing experience:
Other characters:

Your character
Full name:
Date of birth:
Sexual preference:

Physical appearance
Eye color:
Hair color:
Unique traits: (tattoos, piercings, and scars)
Face used: (name of the actor/actress/model you're using to represent your character)
Image:(link us to a picture or embed the image with the img codes - this picture will be made into your official avatar once approved, so choose wisely.)
Random facts:
Skills: (don’t overkill it)
Overall personality:

Place of birth:
Currently living in:
Family: (name, age, how they’re related, alive/dead, relationship)
Marital status:

Prove you read the rules:
Role play sample: (must be at least 200 words)
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