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 Canon listing

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PostSubject: Canon listing   Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:01 pm

Below is the list of canon characters for this RPG you can apply for.

Also in this list are the canon characters that are already taken (those will be striked out, and have the username of the person who's playing it next to the character's name), and the ones with an application pending (which means you can apply to it anyway, but there's someone else who's also being considered for it or there is already an application for that character in progress- that will be in italic).


Jack Harkness (everlasting)
Gwen Cooper (gwendolyne)
Toshiko Sato (lennondollie)
Owen Harper (rinoachan326)
Ianto Jones (ladydeadlock)
John Hart (PoodlesPerfect)
Rhys Williams
PC Andy Davidson

Doctor Who

The Doctor (starrylizard)
Rose Tyler (Hakura0)
Martha Jones (surferchica8694)
Donna Noble (mistojen)
Mickey Smith
The Master (jellybabiesanddeath)
Jenny (cassikat)
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Canon listing
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