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 Enraged by things unsaid...

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PostSubject: Enraged by things unsaid...   Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:24 pm

[22:29:16] rinoachan326 : Jack, when I fix up UNIT guy, can I leave to go on a date?
[22:29:50] everlasting : ...no.
[22:30:53] everlasting : At this point it's just the principle of the thing, lol
[22:31:57] everlasting : No, no, just the principle that if all of Jack's staff is going to be skiving off to do other things than work, he's going to be mean to them, lol
[22:32:28] rinoachan326 : You let Gwen go on dates all the time.
[22:32:32] everlasting : That's different.
[22:34:16] rinoachan326 : why is it different?
[22:34:41] rinoachan326 : She goes all of the time. I'm asking for one.
[22:34:45] rinoachan326 : please.
[22:35:24] everlasting : It's different because, surprise of surprises, that's Gwen, and you're not. Therefore, different.
[22:36:41] rinoachan326 : but nothing's happening tonight
[22:36:44] everlasting : *will keep listening to "Plane Crash in C" until Owen gets the hint Wink *
[22:36:58] everlasting : So? Does that necessarily mean nothing will happen?
[22:37:07] rinoachan326 : ...you want me to go kill myself?
[22:37:11] everlasting : No.
[22:37:15] everlasting : I was being facetious.
[22:37:45] rinoachan326 : cuz I will. If I don't go on this date, she'll think I'm uninterested and leave me, and you saw what happened the last time someone left me
[22:38:08] everlasting : ...
[22:38:15] everlasting : ...Owen. *warning tone*
[22:38:20] ladydeadlock : yeah he tried to kill us all
[22:38:27] ladydeadlock : and I shot him.
[22:38:33] everlasting : Yes, this I remember.
[22:38:36] rinoachan326 : Ianto shot me!
[22:39:03] ladydeadlock : yes! See? Last time someone left Owen, it generated a bad work environment
[22:39:14] rinoachan326 : exactly.
[22:39:18] rinoachan326 : What Ianto said
[22:39:27] everlasting : Which actually doesn't happen when you kill yourself, a la Weevil cage, Owen, and if you keep threatening to off yourself, I'm going to just let you, so you might as well quit it.
[22:40:03] rinoachan326 : Hey, that Weevil wouldn't have attacked me if you hadn't busted in there and shot your goddamned gun.
[22:40:05] ladydeadlock : but like, he'll try to off the world this time, I'm sure of it!
[22:40:11] rinoachan326 : I had that thing under control.
[22:40:27] ladydeadlock : I know this because I know EVERYTHING.
[22:40:39] everlasting : Right. Completely under control. I believe you, Owen. *sarcastic*
[22:40:41] ladydeadlock : *deep stare* Everything...
[22:40:46] everlasting : ..Ianto. Quit it.
[22:40:56] rinoachan326 : *looks oddly at Ianto*
[22:41:03] rinoachan326 : I did!
[22:41:08] rinoachan326 : that thing wasn't coming near me
[22:41:18] rinoachan326 : you shot your gun and frightened it, so it attacked
[22:41:27] rinoachan326 : Last time I was left, YOU tried to kill me.
[22:42:12] everlasting : And I had a very good reason to do so, didn't I? *a little angry, yes* Considering that you were going to end the world - and then you killed me, thanks.
[22:42:50] rinoachan326 : ...You killed me before that... and I knew you couldn't die, so it doesn't count.
[22:42:56] rinoachan326 : well...I suspected you couldn't die.
[22:43:07] everlasting : You didn't know I couldn't die until I came back when you shot me, Owen. Don't bullshit.
[22:43:44] rinoachan326 : I knew you couldn't die when a cyberwoman tried to kill you twice.
[22:43:56] everlasting : And I'd really love to know, Owen, how I 'killed you' before that, since to my recollection you're still here and alive.
[22:44:10] everlasting : (..and no, really, the team except Gwen never knew Jack couldn't die until End of Days.)
[22:44:28] rinoachan326 : I meant tried, oops.
[22:44:30] everlasting : Good call.
[22:45:10] rinoachan326 : she was a fucking cyberwoman, who kill things in one hit. you took two
[22:45:15] rinoachan326 : sorta gave me the hint
[22:46:26] everlasting : Yeah? Good on you, then. Nice impression of shock when I came back after you killed me.
[22:46:33] everlasting : *utterly sarcastic*
[22:46:56] rinoachan326 : It was a head wound. Everyone knows headwounds kill zombies.
[22:47:15] everlasting : *rolls his eyes* Yeah, nice try.
[22:47:44] rinoachan326 : Right, because I'm not Ianto or Gwen, who you'll drop everything for.
[22:47:58] everlasting : Excuse me? *irritated*
[22:49:40] rinoachan326 : You heard me. Ianto and Gwen, you so desperately want to shag, so you'll do anything for. And the only reason I can't just run off, is because, while Ianto can hide a cyberconversion unit and a cyberwoman in the basement and get off scot-free
[22:49:55] rinoachan326 : i'll have the last four years of my life retconned away if i try anything. anything at all
[22:59:58] everlasting : That's how you see it, then? Is that how you think it goes? *angry-- no, check that, pissed off* Funny how I seem to remember making some pretty big allowances for you, Owen. (cont.)
[23:01:07] everlasting : When your girlfriend flew off and you decided passive suicide was a great career option, and you decided to compromise a Torchwood case to get personally involved so you could box with a Weevil. (cont.)
[23:01:57] everlasting : And let's not forget nearly ending the world, because that's my favorite part, because an illusion told you to. And killing me. So no, Owen, tell me again how I drop everything for Ianto and Gwen and make no allowances for you?
[23:03:32] rinoachan326 : you knew about Diane, everyone did, and you still sent me in undercover with someone who was hunting weevils and ended up pointing a gun at my face, telling me to get in the cage (cont.)
[23:04:15] rinoachan326 : with Janet, who you sent out to be caught AND you knew I was working with. I had, no, still have complete control over her to this day, you know that right? (cont.)
[23:04:42] rinoachan326 : and the end of the world? Right. you couldn't fire me then because Gwen and Ianto were in it.
[23:05:00] rinoachan326 : what about when Gwen released that alien gas into the air and got all those men killed?
[23:05:20] rinoachan326 : or when she outright refused to retcon Rhys after the space whale incident
[23:05:58] everlasting : On her first day. You telling me you never made any stupid mistakes when you were new, Owen? And I believe I did fire you; my decision to re-hire afterwards notwithstanding.
[23:06:26] rinoachan326 : You fired me because you refused to lead me, Jack!
[23:06:39] rinoachan326 : I was scared!
[23:06:48] everlasting : I fired you because you refused to follow orders!
[23:06:49] rinoachan326 : And the best you could do was tell me to leave!
[23:06:55] rinoachan326 : What the hell kind of leader does that!
[23:07:40] everlasting : The kind of leader who knows what they're doing. That if you don't trust me - and I mean full stop - then I can't trust you. And the minute I can't trust you, that's it. I can't have you on my team.
[23:07:42] rinoachan326 : Hiding a cyberconversion unit in the basement is following orders now.
[23:08:10] everlasting : Circumstances were different. That was resolved a long time ago.
[23:08:26] ladydeadlock : Again, I believe I'm going to marry her...
[23:09:05] rinoachan326 : I was scared, Jack, we all were. You wouldn't lead us.
[23:09:22] rinoachan326 : How can any of us trust someone who tells us nothing?
[23:09:49] everlasting : I was doing the best I could. What do you want me to do? I don't have all of the answers.
[23:10:06] everlasting : And yes, there are things I don't tell you. That's why I need your trust.
[23:11:02] rinoachan326 : No, it's not "there are things I don't tell you." It's you tell us nothing.
[23:11:15] rinoachan326 : Christ, we don't even know your name
[23:11:56] rinoachan326 : And then you left us
[23:11:56] everlasting : My name is Captain Jack Harkness. It's been my name for a pretty long time now, I've gotten fond of it.
[23:12:04] rinoachan326 : With nothing.
[23:12:10] everlasting : Yeah, I left you. No choice, there. No options.
[23:14:28] everlasting : And I came back.
[23:15:41] rinoachan326 : Christ, Jack.
[23:16:05] rinoachan326 : Not for me. And not for Tosh
[23:16:09] rinoachan326 : you said it yourself.
[23:16:30] everlasting : Yes, for you, and for Tosh. And for Gwen and Ianto, too. I came back for Torchwood and I came back for all of you.
[23:17:35] rinoachan326 : Jack, up until today, this place was my life. And I'm not sure why I cared, because it doesn't care back
[23:17:54] rinoachan326 : I love my job, but it can't be all there is.
[23:18:32] everlasting : That's fine. It doesn't have to be. But this isn't a job you can call out of on a whim.
[23:20:05] everlasting : You want that, you go work in a call centre. But this is life and death - a whole lot of lives and deaths.
[23:21:14] rinoachan326 : Then if it's still this quiet, can I at least try to go on this date?
[23:21:32] everlasting : *pausing* ...fine. You don't do this during work hours again, alright?
[23:21:57] rinoachan326 : Alright.
[23:22:18] everlasting : ..good. And Owen?
[23:22:32] rinoachan326 : ...yeah?
[23:22:59] everlasting : Next time, you have a problem with me, you talk to me before it gets to this level. Understood?
[23:23:35] rinoachan326 : *nods*
[23:23:37] rinoachan326 : yeah.
[23:23:48] everlasting : Good.
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Enraged by things unsaid...
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